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Personal Growth & Change with Time Line Therapy™

The Time Line Therapy™ model is highly effective in creating quick, lasting change in an individual. Time Line Therapy™ is an excellent modality for releasing negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt, along with anxiety, internal conflict and limiting decisions and beliefs.

Imagine being able to release negative emotions and live your life without anger, sadness, fear and guilt – Time Line Therapy™  may be the answer you’re looking for.  The notion that we have to grin and bear our ‘lot’ has become a furphy. Each and every one of us can now take action and change our lives. And, what’s more we can do it simply, without having to step back into the ‘experience’ of the emotion.

Benefit from Time Line Therapy™

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  • As a personal development tool for individuals – changing, adopting or eliminating behaviours, eliminating limiting beliefs, access powerful internal states, maximise and grow effective communication tools
  • Sportspersons – performance enhancement
  • Health – engaging the mind body connection, reducing stress, improving health, increasing energy


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What is Time Line Therapy™?

Time Line Therapy™ (TLT) is a powerful therapeutic process which has evolved from the fields of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It was developed by leading Master NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner Dr Tad James.

TLT is an outstanding tool, providing a platform for rapid personal change and growth by eliminating negative emotion and behaviours. The model is a content free therapy whereby the client is able to let go of negative emotion, blockages and beliefs without reinforcing the root cause event through verbal reinforcement.

At the heart of TLT is the notion that we store our memories in a linear manner within our internal memory storage system. Inside that memory storage system, over time, we develop Gestalts which are a collection of events which merge into one sustained event. For example, the first event of anger occurs at age 1 year, subsequent events of anger occur over the ensuing years blurring in the memory as remembered ‘anger’. Using TLT the ‘root cause’ event, or first incidence of anger is elicited and erased. Following on, the gestalt of this emotion is then able to be effectively collapsed and removed as the client works back along his/her time line to now.

Why Time Line Therapy is so effective.

Benefit from Time Line Therapy™ at Memory Release TherapiesUnlike some other forms of therapy, Time Line Therapy™ is ‘content free’ that means you do not have to ‘retell’ the experience and so, there is no embellishment of that personal history. The retelling of our painful, negative experiences often enhances the experience in our conscious mind, with each retelling making it bigger by focusing in on the experience. With Time Line Therapy™ the details of the incidents which caused the negative emotions are secondary to the recognition of the emotion itself and importantly, sourcing its first occurrence.

Time Line Therapy™ recognises that our emotional experiences can have their root cause in a number of locations; after our birth, in the womb, in a past life or genealogically. It is critical to the clearing of these negative emotions that the root cause is located and removed first, otherwise the entrenched negative emotion will retain its umbilical cord to the past and the negative emotions will continue to thrive.

Time Line Therapy™ understands that we carry with us, within our cellular memory, the history of the sum of all our experiences. These experiences are like rolling stones, gathering more and more ‘emotional’ moss as they roll on through our life cycle/s. This emotional moss forms gestalts, which are huddles of feelings which are so closely locked together that they lose individual form and become clumped into an inseparable union, amplifying the emotion and often denying us the opportunity to recall why we developed the feeling in the first place.

Memories are not removed in the Time Line Therapy™ process, only the accompanying negative emotions are removed, empowering us to live our best lives and reach our full potential free of limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

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