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Stillness and Spiritual Wellbeing

stillness in thought

Taking time out to be still and to be comfortable in that stillness, is an essential part of our spiritual nourishment. It creates a safe harbour, a place for us to truly stand in our sacred space away from the noise and the worries of our everyday lives.

I was wondering what subject to cover in this blog and for a moment I struggled, there were so many thoughts, so many areas that I want to write about. The problem was of course that with so much noise going on in my head I couldn’t hear anything. Sometimes I get like this, it’s the way things are sometimes, and the more you try to fight it the louder the competition seems to get. That’s when I remember, be still, breathe, be in the now and then it stops. Calmness is restored and I can focus on what it is that’s most important in that moment. That’s why this blog is a prompter for all of you reading this to remember to be still.

We are all doing so much these days, we are trying to hold down full time jobs, raise families, have superman and superwoman bodies, be gourmet cooks, provide community service, commit to furthering our formal education, fit in at least three sessions a week at the gym, oh and a yoga class (Bikram preferred), look sleek in the latest fashion which means shopping and hair appointments, don’t forget the waxing, plucking, shaving and other bizarre forms of primping …. Phew!!! No wonder our heads are so loud and our bodies exhausted.

stillness in nature - memory release therapiesI’ve just spent a couple of days going bush with my family. We took books, food and beverages and all agreed that we would do nothing more than rest, read and eat. It was really wonderful to sit and gaze at the Kangaroos, walk on the land and BREATHE … great big, beautiful, deep breaths that nourished the mind, body and soul. I meditate every day and spend a lot of time being in touch with my breath, its what keeps me grounded but doing that in my city home is so very different to just ‘being’ in the bush. There is something magical about surrendering to being still, to doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it, and importantly, to understanding that doing nothing is as necessary to your existence, peace of mind and body rejuvenation as good food, sleep and exercise or going to work.

How often do we ever really surrender to nothingness? We take our annual holidays and catch up on the jobs we’ve neglected around our homes, or we plan elaborate trips that involve travel and more time slotting for sightseeing, or ‘doing’ of some kind. Rarely are we simply ‘still’. Stillness allows us to cease demanding of ourselves, it allows our spirit to be heard, it calms the conflict within and reminds us of the sacred. We feel peaceful, calm and find ourselves cloaked in the gentle hum of love … what a wonderful place to be.

So do yourself a favour and set up a time for being still. Take a day, or a couple of days but commit to being still and in the moment, try to get onto the land or by the sea, go to your favourite place in nature, breathe it in. I guarantee that your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

In light


Jenna Sifonis has been an Intuitive for over 20 years and is the founder of Memory Release Therapies, a Melbourne based complementary health practice. Throughout that time she has committed herself to assisting others wherever possible. A firm believer in enhancing her life experience, Jenna continues to learn and strive for excellence. Jenna has trained in the areas of Past Life Regression Therapy, Time Line Therapy™ ,Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage. she also holds a BA (Sociology) and LLB (Bachelor of Laws), a GDLP and is an Australian Lawyer admitted to the High Court of Australia, The Supreme Court of Victoria, The Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia.
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