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Spiritual Transformation

Another change of season, and as Spring takes the reigns, the spiritual transformation being felt so strongly around the planet continues, speeding up and filling us all with an even greater sense of urgency to move to the next stage.

Spring has arrived in all of its beauty. I love this time of year, the gardens are sweet smelling, the birds are happy and everything feels so light and fresh. I am plugging away trying to get my book completed. I am writing a beautiful recount of the journey of a split soul and the outdoors keep calling me. My fingers refuse to plug away for long on my iPad and my laptop is tired and often refuses to play so in order to write I have to sit at my desktop inside and away from the beautiful day. I guess I should either get up earlier or go to bed later, after the sun has gone down and that way I could enjoy the day and get my writing done. Yes, agreed, there are options.

I have been seeing a lot of twenty something clients lately. They are so wonderful, full of enthusiasm and all deeply committed to getting their lives sorted. They are all amazingly insightful, compassionate people with a sense of urgency about their place in the world as fully functioning, spiritual beings. They are undergoing spiritual transformation at a rapid rate, their knowledge and vibrational levels increasing at such express speed that they are utterly overwhelmed by the whole process.

The first thing that I would like to say to any of you who are in this situation and reading this blog is slow down …. pace yourself and your learning …. Please don’t buy in to a lot of the negative, rubbish that you read on the internet. Find a reputable meditation centre and learn how to meditate properly. None of you have come here without your soul group, your guides or your angels. Be led by your intuition, not the words of others who want to call you into their way of being. As Indigo children you come to the earth plane with not only a remarkable job to do but also with remarkable gifts and abilities. My best advice is become apprentices … learn in small chunks to ensure that you achieve mastery and thorough understanding. Find someone you trust to help you along the path, find an outstanding mentor; don’t settle, if it doesn’t feel right to you it probably isn’t.

One of the most wonderful attributes you have as an Indigo child is the ability is to ‘smell a rat’ … follow that instinct, it will serve you well.

The second thing I want to impress upon you is to eat right. You need lots of good, high quality food especially vegetables (greens) and fruits. If you eat meat make sure that it’s organic. The work you do requires lots of energy and if you eat food that is raw and living like sprouts and activated nuts etc you will be ingesting high energy food that sustains you in mind, body and spirit. There’s some great raw food sites and some really yummy recipes are available. The recommendation is to eat at least 75% or more raw, if you can. It’s great for your health.

Spring is historically the season for cleaning out the house, so why not clean emotionally and spiritually at the same time. Clean up the house, eat right, do your meditation class and get some exercise, preferably in nature. Being at one with the earth is essential, grounding yourself is critical to your spiritual well being. Here is a couple of great little grounding exercises to get you started:Spiritual transformation and chakras

Always begin by finding somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed and where you can lie or sit comfortably. Put on some soothing music and start the process by taking in some nice deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Holding each breath for a little while before releasing, Do this four times before beginning the grounding exercises.

The Root chakra is the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our beings. The Root Chakra’s colour is red.

If you feel that you are spacing out or floating off in your energetic body then focusing on something red will assist you in realigning with the physical body.

Another approach is to imagine that you are a beautiful tree, and that you are growing beautiful deep roots that reach way, way down into the earth. Next imagine that those roots are drawing up the healing energies of the earth and feeding them throughout your physical body, comforting you and reducing anxiety through your body, mind and spirit.

My next blog is going to discuss spiritual protection methods so keep an eye out for that post.


In light


Jenna Sifonis has been an Intuitive for over 20 years and is the founder of Memory Release Therapies, a Melbourne based complementary health practice. Throughout that time she has committed herself to assisting others wherever possible. A firm believer in enhancing her life experience, Jenna continues to learn and strive for excellence. Jenna has trained in the areas of Past Life Regression Therapy, Time Line Therapy™ ,Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage. she also holds a BA (Sociology) and LLB (Bachelor of Laws), a GDLP and is an Australian Lawyer admitted to the High Court of Australia, The Supreme Court of Victoria, The Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia.
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