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How to Smudge

Smudging the energy in our personal space and keeping it light and positive is as important as cleaning the bathroom and brushing our teeth. Whether we realise it or not our spiritual, emotional and physical health are all deeply affected by the energy around us.

In my last couple of blogs I have provided some tips on centering, groundingand spiritual protection. In this blog I want to discuss effective ways of getting stagnant, negative energies out of your personal living or working space. If you are not accustomed to this process, you will be surprised at how great your environment feels after you have performed this clearing.

Firstly, roll up your sleeves and clean your space. If you haven’t cleaned your space properly for a while then give it a proper clean, yes that means lift up the rugs, take them outside in the sunshine give them a beat with the broom. Mop your floors, wipe down the windowsills and scrub the shower. After all is sparkling go and have a shower, or better still a long soak in the bath. Select some lovely essential oils like lavender and frankincense (salt baths are also wonderful!). I find that white and/or purple is great to wear when doing a smudge. Draping your shoulders with a simple purple scarf is sufficient.

Gather your tools. You will require the following:

Smudging feather

Smudging Feather

  • A fire proof container (this can be metal, ceramic or glass, make sure it has a heat proof handle of some description).
  • Matches, lighter or other lighting implement
  • A sage Smudge stick – (these can be made or purchased)
  • Cedarwood
  • Sweetgrass (incense is fine)
  • A smudging feather, (these can be made or purchased) the hand can work quite well if you don’t have the other.
  • Tibetan Tingsha – cymbals (optional)


The process which I prefer follows:

  1. Open the doors and the windows. This includes your cupboards and drawers, files or other ‘locked up’ places.
  2. Set your intention, centre and ground and apply spiritual protection.
  3. Light your smudge and wave or blow out the flame so that the smudge ‘smokes’.
  4. Move through each room of the house in an anti clockwise direction waving the smoke so that it reaches the corners of the room as well as the centre of the room.
  5. Move around each room three times and then move on to the next room.
  6. Let your intuition guide you, if you feel the room needs more then by all means continue to smudge.
  7. After you have completed the sage smudge then move onto the cedar smudge followed by the sweetgrass. When smudging with the cedar and sweetgrass you move around the room in a clockwise direction, bringing in the positive energy.
  8. Ring the Tingsha throughout the house or space.

    smudging with sweetgrass


 NB I always burn Sweetgrass incense after a smudge, it helps reinforce the positive, healing energy I have ushered in.

Next put on some high energy music, something that will make your soul sing and shake off any residue.

I have been using this process for many years now and find it to be so very simple and yet so very effective. Give it a go and feel the change of energy in your space.

Any questions, feel free to send them to me via email.


In light,


Jenna Sifonis has been an Intuitive for over 20 years and is the founder of Memory Release Therapies, a Melbourne based complementary health practice. Throughout that time she has committed herself to assisting others wherever possible. A firm believer in enhancing her life experience, Jenna continues to learn and strive for excellence. Jenna has trained in the areas of Past Life Regression Therapy, Time Line Therapy™ ,Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage. she also holds a BA (Sociology) and LLB (Bachelor of Laws), a GDLP and is an Australian Lawyer admitted to the High Court of Australia, The Supreme Court of Victoria, The Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia.
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