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Past Life Regression is one of the fastest growing complementary health modalities in the world. At the heart of its success is the experiential nature of the modality, where you the client are the driver of your session.

Past Life Regression Therapy is facilitated by a trained practitioner. The therapy enables the client to reconnect with the sub conscious or unconscious mind through the utilisation of deep meditation and/or hypnotherapy techniques. Whilst in this deeply relaxed state, known as the Theta state, the client is able to reconnect with spirit. This reconnection provides the client with the opportunity to attain deep understanding of their true nature.

The facilitator will act as a ‘guide’ and partner to the client, striving to assist the client resolve issues and find answers as they navigate through the memories of previous lives. The foundational pillar of this therapy is that the client is the ‘driver’ of each session. This is a unique approach, and a powerful one that brings with it outstanding and positive outcomes for the client. Past Life Regression Therapy is an empowering therapy which means that you the client are in control of your session.

Who can benefit from Past Life Regression?past life regression melbourne

  • Do you suffer from emotional issues which have constantly nagged you throughout your life, and which hold you back from living your dreams?
  • Do you suffer from seemingly unfounded fears or phobias?
  • Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill, grinding over the same ‘mistakes’ time and time again?
  • Do you suffer from nagging health issues that just won’t budge?
  • Or are you just curious about your Past Life existence?


Then Past Life Regression could be for you. For more information REQUEST A CALL BACK.


Benefits of Past Life Regression

A wonderful aspect of participating in Past Life Regression Therapy is that you maintain the ownership of your session. The session is empowering for the client as together, the therapist and the client forge a mutually rewarding partnership that leads to healing, renewal and deep sense of connectedness..

What can I expect in a Past Life Regression session?

When you arrive at our rooms for your first session we will take a brief client history to ensure that we fully understand your health and wellbeing issues and what you are expecting from your session. We also want to make sure that you understand the Past Life Regression process. Our aim is for you to achieve the optimum outcomes from your session and a large part of that is ensuring that you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Past Life regression journeyA typical Past Life Regression session involves the trained practitioner utilising meditation and/or hypnosis techniques to induce the client into the Theta state. The Theta state is that state of consciousness which we all experience just as we are about to drift off to sleep. In the Theta state our minds frequency is lowered, or stilled, and we enter the trance state.In the Theta state, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning and healing. It is in this state that we are able to connect to the Divine, and reconnect with our spirit.

Once the client has reached the Theta state they are able to experience a reconnection with the unconscious, or sub conscious mind we refer to as spirit. With the assistance of the trained therapist the client is then guided on their journey through their spirit memories. The therapist role is now one of assistant, fact finding utilising open questioning techniques, keeping the client comfortable and using their intuitive skills to assist the client through blockages and any presenting obstacles.

The therapist will both transcribe and digitally record the client session so that the client can review their session at anytime in the future. This is extremely helpful because often the sessions are so packed full of experiences and information that the client needs time to process the session.

Each client’s experience will be unique. At best you will experience profound healing either emotional, physical or spiritual however, you will always experience deep relaxation and a positive experience. Jenna shares with you her first experience of Past Life Regression, a life changing session that provided comfort and healing but most of all confirmation.

How long are the sessions?

An initial session will last between 1.5 – 2 hours and will normally review up to three past life experiences. If you wish to attend for further sessions  these will normally take 1 – 1.5 hours.

We help you unlock the past so that you can reach the full potential of your future