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Past Life Regression is not ‘hocus pocus’

Past Life Regression can be such a powerful tool in the process of healing. If we open our hearts and minds to the possibility of renewal, through understanding where we have come from, we can harness better control of where we are going. Just as we look to our genealogy for clues or information on our health and wellbeing, so too our past lives can shed light on how we move in the world; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through accessing our past lives, we open an opportunity to remember our talents and gifts, identify ‘root cause’ of dis-ease or emotional suffering, and better understand our relationships with others.

Past Life Regression therapy is a gentle, predominantly risk free therapy that offers great insight and self-discovery. It is an experiential therapy free of suggestion, where the client and facilitator link arms working together with the intention of uncovering blockages and releasing them.

Past Life Regression is not hocus pocusA recent referral request rejection from a local treating Psychiatrist opened my eyes to the idea that even though we live in the 21st century many of the misconceptions about complementary/alternative therapies from the past remain. This is clearly evident amongst many who practice conservative medicine. This response has once again alerted me to the often tight held, erroneous belief that spiritual approaches to healing are tantamount to ‘witchcraft’.

The Psychiatrists response to his client was that past life regression is “Hocus Pocus” and that I would just tell them “that they had been a princess in a former life”. This standpoint greatly saddened me. Firstly, I do not hold the view that ‘hocus pocus’ and Past Life Regression therapy have any common link. PLR is not a magic trick or trickery, nor does it involve conjuring of any kind. Further, at no point have I ever, or would I ever, suggest to any of my clients what role they have assumed in previous lifetimes. The discovery of previous life roles rests utterly in the hands of the client.

As for Princesses, well I hate to be the one to shatter any illusions but most of us have humble, simple previous recollections, even the wonderful healers and herbalists who often find themselves burned at the stake for being ‘witches’. Lucky for me I guess that its 2014!!

I send this Doctor, and all the others who feel the same, much love and great hope that they will, at some point, sooner rather than later, open their minds to possibility. I believe that many of their patients would greatly benefit from a collaborative approach.

With many of the leaders in the field of PLR also being practicing Psychiatrists  in the UK and USA, I continue to hold out hope.

In light


Jenna Sifonis has been an Intuitive for over 20 years and is the founder of Memory Release Therapies, a Melbourne based complementary health practice. Throughout that time she has committed herself to assisting others wherever possible. A firm believer in enhancing her life experience, Jenna continues to learn and strive for excellence. Jenna has trained in the areas of Past Life Regression Therapy, Time Line Therapy™ ,Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage. she also holds a BA (Sociology) and LLB (Bachelor of Laws), a GDLP and is an Australian Lawyer admitted to the High Court of Australia, The Supreme Court of Victoria, The Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia.

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