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Heal your mind, body and soul

Mind, Body and Soul

How can past life regression therapy help to heal mind, body and soul?

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I was speaking to a group of women the other day and we were discussing how past life regression therapy can not only provide amazing comfort and understanding to people but importantly how past life regression therapy provides a very real opportunity to heal the mind and body.

There are many anecdotal stories from people around the globe who have overcome mental and physical dis-ease through engaging in past life regression therapy. The most famous of these stories, meticulously documented by Dr Brian Weiss, is the accounts of healing which he witnessed in his patient ‘Catherine’.

Catherine was referred to Dr Weiss when he was the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Florida USA. She was a young woman beset with a range of presenting problems such as fears, phobias, panic attacks, depression and recurrent nightmares. She had suffered with these problems her whole life and the problems were worsening.

After seeing Catherine as a patient for over a year, utilising contemporary, conventional psychotherapy without success, the classically trained Psychiatrist ‘accidentally’ stumbled into past life regression therapy. The incident occurred during a hypnotherapy session with Catherine. Dr Weiss was regressing Catherine back to her childhood in an attempt to locate the source of trauma that was at the root of her presenting problems. Catherine recounted a number of childhood incidents and the doctor felt that his client would now begin to recover from her fears and phobias. The symptoms however remained severe.

On review, the doctor decided that they must not have uncovered the root cause issue of the presenting problems and so planned another hypnotherapy session for the following week. The words that the doctor spoke to his client at this session were open-ended he said “Go back to the time from which your symptom’s arise”. To Dr Weiss’s great surprise Catherine regressed beyond this life time and began to recount, with great accuracy, a lifetime she had lived in ancient Egypt over four thousand years ago. Within the same session she recalled two other lifetimes one in 18th century Spain and another a few hundred years later as a Greek woman.

What occurred after this session shocked Dr Weiss, his patient’s stubborn ongoing symptoms began to improve dramatically. The doctor continued to use this line of therapy with Catherine and week after week her symptoms disappeared as she recounted more and more details of her past lives.

Heal the Mind, Body and Soul

This is only one of many amazing stories of the power of Past Life Regression as a healing tool that is available to is all.

If you would like to read more about Dr Weiss and his beginnings using Past Life Regression Therapy please see ‘Through Time Into Healing’ by Dr Brian Weiss.

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Jenna Sifonis has been an Intuitive for over 20 years and is the founder of Memory Release Therapies, a Melbourne based complementary health practice. Throughout that time she has committed herself to assisting others wherever possible. A firm believer in enhancing her life experience, Jenna continues to learn and strive for excellence. Jenna has trained in the areas of Past Life Regression Therapy, Time Line Therapy™ ,Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage. she also holds a BA (Sociology) and LLB (Bachelor of Laws), a GDLP and is an Australian Lawyer admitted to the High Court of Australia, The Supreme Court of Victoria, The Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia.
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