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Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Healing,NLP and Time Line Therapy
Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Healing.
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Past Life Regression, NLP, Time Line Therapy Hypnotherapy. Helping you to live your best life!
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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression

At Memory Release Therapies we specialise in Past Life Regression Therapy, one of the fastest growing complementary health modalities in the world. At the heart of its success is the experiential nature of the modality, where you the client are the driver of your session.
NLP is a service of Memory Release Therapies


A personal development tool for individuals – changing, adopting or eliminating behaviours, eliminating limiting beliefs, access powerful internal states, maximise and grow effective communication tools, get the results you want.
Memory Release Therapies hypnotherapy services

Certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, positive and natural form of relaxation therapy that helps you to easily and quickly make the changes you want in your life.
Intuitive Consultation at Memory Release Therapies

EFT Tapping

Powerful, fast, effective, simple - a few words used to describe the wonderful effects of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a relatively new technique that belongs to the new field of Energy Psychology.

We help you unlock the past so that you can reach the full potential of your future.

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Our Service

  • Past Life Regression

    Do you suffer from emotional issues which have constantly nagged you throughout your life, and which hold you back from living your dreams? Do you suffer from seemingly unfounded fears or phobias? Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill, grinding over the same ‘mistakes’ time and time again? Do you suffer from nagging health issues that just won’t budge? Or are you just curious about your Past Life existence? Then Past Life Regression Therapy could be for you.
  • NLP

    NLP is how we use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes It provides opportunity to change limiting, negative patterns of behaviour and forge positive patterns of behaviours through the modelling of excellence.
  • Hypnotherapy

    Quit Smoking • Bad Habits • Performance Enhancement • Therapeutic Stress Reduction • Weight Loss
  • Intuitive Consultation

    Spirit reminds us that Intuition is a powerful tool that resides within us all. Intuition is our soul speaking, our higher selves making contact and guiding us as we move along our life journey. Some people may refer to their intuition as a ‘gut feeling’, our first thought, the one that is often turned away from when the analytical left side of our brains take charge. When our intuition is listened to and acted upon, our days brighten and our lives take magical turns for the better. If an Intuitive session feels right for you please make an enquiry via our contact page.
  • EFT Tapping

    Often referred to as acupuncture without the needles, EFT is a safe, reliable, side effect free approach to wellbeing that can be easily learnt and even self administered for simple issues.


  • Thank you Jenna for your gentle and intuitive guidance and support over the past 10 years. Your abilities to guide my understanding of my place and purpose in the world have inspired and enabled me to participate confidently in my personal and professional growth. I look forward to navigating many more years with you by my side. A soul felt thank you .
  • I went to Jenna for a Past Life Regression therapy, in an effort to understand some bizarre and troubling experiences I’d been having for around a year. After meeting with Jenna, it became obvious that I needed urgent assistance in releasing some negative energies, which were both blocking my ability to remember past lives and which had also been causing many of the problems I’d been experiencing. I will be forever grateful for the generosity, warmth and professionalism that Jenna has shown me in assisting me with these issues. She went far beyond what was expected of her, ensuring I understood all processes and that I felt at ease with each step we took together. Jenna was also spot on point, using her gifts to identifying the root cause of my predicament. Without Jenna’s intuitive knowledge concerning my situation, I don’t know if I would ever have been able to resolve these issues and begin my journey on the path towards healing. Jenna has also given me tools to help me on my path of heath and healing, providing me with different techniques and objects of protection. I now use these regularly, and they have proven to be very effective. It’s comforting to know that there are people out there like Jenna, who can assist with issues of energy and spirit that many do not understand. What’s even better to see is that Jenna’s work is based entirely on bringing positivity and light to others. I am incredibly grateful to have found Jenna and I am absolutely impressed by her work. Thank you!
  • I have been interested in past life regression for quite some time & decided to contact Jenna to set up a session. My experience was profoundly moving & opened up this lifetime for me in a way where many things I had found perplexing & confusing were now making so much sense! It was very beautiful. I felt completely at ease with my environment & comfortable at all times under her professional guidance! This has led me to want to pursue this even more & thus I will definitely be going back to explore with Jenna many more times!
  • Jenna is brilliant! I have found her abilities to be second to none. I have worked with Jenna on a number occasions and I want to testify to the magnitude of the results I have achieved working with her. As a senior level manager of an international business, it is critical that I am always on top of my game. Jenna has given me a renewed focus, confidence, and enthusiasm in both my personal life and business. I am always struck by her incredible intuitive insights and how, within a matter of minutes she is able to find the root cause of my issues and then assist me in resolving them. Thank you Jenna